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Speech Therapy

The people we work with have usually had:

    • Stroke
    • Brain injury
    • Brain tumours
    • Neurological diseases eg Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease
    • Dementia
    • Voice problems
    • Oral cancer

The main disorders we will see are:

    • Aphasia
    • Dysarthria
    • Dysphagia
    • Voice problems

Facial Clinic

My interest in facial palsy began from patients who had undergone acoustic neuroma removal and this surgical treatment may at times result in facial palsy.

The lack of effective treatment for these patients lead me to do training under Diana Farragher at the Lindens Clinic and in 2007, to set up a satellite service for them treating their patients in Scotland.

This partnership continues and we are delighted to treat facial palsy in all ages and of all causes. Facial palsy can be managed from early days post onset or months and years later in those who have not had access to treatment.

The most common causes of facial palsy are:

    • Bells palsy
    • Ramsay hunt syndrome
    • Brain tumours, usually meningioma or acoustic neuroma/vestibular schwannoma
    • Guillain Barre syndrome
    • Trauma
    • Parotid gland tumours
    • Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems

We use surface electromyography (sEmg) to test nerve function and to help clients learn to re-use muscles. We also use trophic stimulation to help recovery along with soft tissue techniques and exercise. We have access to and can refer to specialist surgeons who can advise re surgical intervention if appropriate.

Facial clinics are held in various locations across the UK including Belfast, Edinburgh and London. An appointment or query can be made via our contact form.

However, if Manchester is a more convenient location, please contact the Lindens Clinic. Appointments can be made directly, visit www.dianafarragher.co.uk for more information.

In addition, The Specialist Speech Therapy Practice also works in collaboration with a specialist independent neuro-rehab company, Linguistic Resolutions Ltd, led by SLT Sally Ghibaldan, (www.linguisticresolutions.co.uk). This allows us to offer our patients the most tailored and expert treatment options available.

Clinics are also run in Belfast, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland. Please contact us for more details.


The Specialist Speech Therapy Practice specialises in the treatment of adult conditions, however facial palsy is treated in any age, from babies onwards.

If you have a paediatric concern we recommend you consult the website below for a local SLT Practice which will be able to address your specialist needs.


Specialist Services


We are delighted to accept instruction to assess and provide reports to be used in tribunals, inquiries, regulatory proceedings or in the courts. Penny has completed Bond Solon ‘Expert Witness’ training in report writing and courtroom skills.

Please contact us for further details or help.

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