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How do I make an appointment?
The simplest way to make an appointment is to phone us. You can also get in touch using the contact form on the website or by emailing.

Do I need to see a doctor first?
No, you don't unless you are intending to reclaim the cost of your treatment through your health insurance. Most health insurance companies insist that you see your GP first.

Can I claim the cost of my treatment through my health insurance policy?
We would advise that you check the terms of your policy or call your provider first.

How many sessions will I need?
Once you have had your initial assessment your therapist will be able to give you a rough guide to the number of treatments that you will need and will discuss your goals.

Will I always have the same therapist?
Unless your therapist is on holiday or sick you will always have the same one.

Do you treat children?
We do not treat children with speech & language conditions but will treat children of all ages with facial palsy.

Do you undertake medico-legal work?
Yes, we can provide medico-legal and expert witness reports for clients with personal injury claims.

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