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"I remember on 29th August when I was admitted in hospital with stroke and facial palsy. I was admitted in hospital for 3 days. Since my discharge from the hospital, I did not receive any help or support from the NHS. This was obviously disappointing and heart breaking.

Long story short, after some research I decided to contact Penny who is The Only facial nerve expert in Scotland. This was the best decision I have ever made! I can’t thank Penny enough for playing a major role in my recovery. From the first session, her approach was so friendly that it felt as though we are best friends for the last 20 years! Her step-by-step approach from assessing the facial nerve by electromyography to recommending the correct exercises is the key to success. The facial nerve regenerates itself but the most important thing is to make sure that we perform the correct exercises at right time, using the correct facial muscles which obviously only a facial nerve expert can advise.

There is a lot of information on internet, but I will definitely stress please please don't blindly follow online exercises as you may end up doing more harm to yourself by performing the wrong exercises at the wrong time, using the wrong muscles. Penny always suggested a clear exercise plan and every time explained in detail. Penny not only guided me my way to recovery but also carefully assessed my recovery and every time I left the clinic with confidence and reassurance that I am in good hands. Her emotional support also played a great role in my recovery. I am 100% satisfied with Penny and would definitely recommend her who is seeking help with facial palsy."

- Patient preferred to remain anonymous


"Penny's support, encouragement and expertise helped me tremendously. Quite honestly I couldn't have achieved the results I have without her. I will be forever grateful!"

- S Stewart


"Thanks to you my mum improved greatly. It has been noticed her voice is louder than before."

- Raphael

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